Company Rebranding

Eridan Communications

Eridan Communications Logo
My Role

Creative Director

Project Scope

Infographic Design
Logo Redesign
UX/UI Consulting
Website ReDesign
WordPress Build

While working for 729 Solutions, I bridged the gap between the team at Eridan and 729’s Studios Team to guide a Rebranding for the company. Our goals were to include Eridan’s company history while leveling up their visual presence to match the cutting edge technology they produce.

My team worked together to redesign their logo, create supporting visual assets and develop a WordPress website showcasing their product and facilitating customer orders.

Eridan Color Palettes
Eridan Logo Roughs

Problem Statement

Eridan developed a new transceiver and needed to launch it to a competitive market. They were looking for a one-stop design and development partner that could get their website up and running quickly to support a fast approaching product launch.

Eridan’s team recognized that their visual brand identity needed to be updated in order to stand out and give potential customers the right impression.

The Eridan team had a few ideas in mind and provided napkin sketches, but needed someone to interpret their vision and execute a rebranding to give them a high quality look and feel across their materials for consistency. My role was to be the Creative Visionary that could see the big picture, structure a plan, align the resources needed, and to make it happen.

Project Goals

Identify client needs to create a phased project plan
Ensure the client could easily maintain the website post launch
Complete an MVP in record time and fast follow subsequent phases
Create product related infographics and resource imagery
Develop a website to showcase and allow users to order Eridan’s product
Redesign Eridan’s visual identity

Software Used

Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop




Eridan Wireframes

Project Planning and Research Methods

  Brand Identity Workshops
  Client Stakeholder Interviews
  Color Workshops
  Competitive Market Research
User Interface (UI) Testing

Workshop Focuses

How can we preserve Eridan’s visual history but give them a more modern look and feel?

How can we simplify the complex, technical product details for less tech-savvy users?

What approach should we take to build an easily maintainable website, quickly?

What is the best way to balance what the client believes they need with a streamlined User Experience (UX)?

Eridan Mockups

In Review

Working with Eridan was a challenge that required seamless teamwork between our creative and code teams. The short deadline forced us to find a way to simultaneously build the website while fleshing out their new visual identity. I structured the project in a phased waterfall approach so design and development could be happening at the same time, while keeping in mind that we had minimal space for error due to the client’s limited budget. We were successful because we kept a close eye on all of the shifting pieces, and ensured teams were communicating frequently to minimize overlap and repetition. 

This project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate that my team could be exactly what I had built the department to be – a one-stop-shop for clients who need it all – from concept through execution and launch.