A small sampling of the role I’ve played for projects and clients I’ve loved.

Featured Image | Sundance Institute

UI/UX Consulting and Creative Direction

As the Creative Director for 729 Solutions, I executed a Discovery Phase for Sundance Institute. I guided the team and structured a plan of attack for their website reorganization to optimize and improve their UI/UX – considering future organizational direction, accessibility and inclusivity.

UI/UX Consulting and Brand Identity

Eric from Bundle came to 729 Solutions with a handful of wireframes and an idea for a product solving a problem – he was motivated to dive in, and needed a company that could help him execute his project. He wanted to create a platform that explained and facilitated the mortgage buying process. I helped him understand who his users would be, flesh out a plan, design and develop the final product.

Featured Image | Crosby + Jon

Visual Brand Identity Guide

729 Solutions needed a consistent visual identity to promote brand recognition and a brand guide to help internal teams execute their updated identity with fast and easy direction. The brand guide became a time saving resource providing tools and assets that aligned their teams and partners on how to use their brand assets.

Company Rebranding

While working for 729 Solutions, I bridged the gap between the team at Eridan and the 729 Studios design team to guide a rebranding for the company. Our goals were to include Eridan’s company history while leveling up their visual presence to match the cutting edge technology they produce.

Featured Image | Crosby + Jon

Website Redesign

Crosby & Jon needed someone to tackle their website redesign project. Their existing website didn’t match their new brand identity and was having performance issues. I worked with them as a contractor to design and develop the new website, ensuring their visual brand identity was applied and the build was structured in a way that making future updates would be quick and easy.