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Crosby + Jon needed someone to tackle their website redesign project. Their existing website didn’t match their new brand identity and was having performance issues. I worked with them as a contractor to design and develop the new website, ensuring their visual brand identity was applied and the build was structured in a way that making future updates would be quick and easy.
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Project Goals

Increase site speed.
Preserve image quality.
Improve site navigation and content structure.
Apply new and creative visual brand identity in a unique and compelling experience.
Migrate existing galleries and content.
Create repeatable, scalable templates for future content additions.
Complete the project on a tight timeline.
Complete the project on a small budget.

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


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In Review

Working with the girls at Crosby & Jon was inspiring – their clean, elegant, creative style was fun to design around, and their professional but fun personalities gave me inspiration for the type of business woman I knew I would someday be.

The project itself was a great example of how simple designs are often the most effective. I took the same approach regarding development, and chose a simple theme to modify, creating templates and setting up brand defaults for consistency. I chose to work in WordPress because the client was familiar with the platform, and I knew this would facilitate them making future maintenance and updates with ease.