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Creative Visionary

Project Scope

Brand Guide
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Marketing Materials
UX/UI Design
Visual Identity Design
Website Design
Website Maintenance

729 Solutions needed a consistent visual identity to promote brand recognition and a brand guide to help internal teams execute updates to their many properties with fast and easy to execute direction. The brand guide eventually became a, time saving resource providing tools and assets that aligned their teams and partners on how to use their brand assets.

Problem Statement

Internal teams at 729 had different approaches to executing projects for branded efforts – from separate locally stored files and inconsistent templates to unstructured file naming practices and personal preferences for brand visuals. The result was a less cohesive brand identity and increased time to locate and execute new or updated materials across departments.

They needed a central location to refer to for the latest versions of everything –  from fonts, logos, and colors to collateral, website and UI/UX design templates. To top it off, a component library, to make execution quick and easy – not only for design, but for development too.

Project Goals

Define brand identity elements to enhance brand cohesion
Provide a centralized space for accessing brand assets
Update existing internal and client facing templates
Add additional brand resources to the library
Create new brand assets based on company needs

Software Used

Adobe XD, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop


Google Docs
Google Slides

Project Planning and Research Methods

   Competitive Market Research
   Internal User Interviews
  Persona Research
  Platform Testing
   Strategy Workshops

Workshop Focuses

What can we do to ensure the brand guide is easy to use for everyone, no matter their skillset?

What is the best structure for the assets and tools we will include?

What is the most efficient way to build this so it’s easy and fast to maintain?

Where do we start in approaching unification of the brand identity throughout the company?

729 Brand Guide Mockups

In Review

This project affected every department within the company. Prospective client inception at the sales and marketing level needed updated proposal templates and readily available assets for the companies partners. Project Management and weekly reporting needed a consistent way to deliver information to existing clients that was elegant and structured. Designers and Developers needed to know where to find brand assets to help streamline processes and bring next level consistency not only to their internal efforts, but for client projects as well.

By creating a straightforward, well structured Brand Guide as a standalone website – we made it easy to access and find all of their resources no matter your need. We carefully choose applications that would accommodate specific teams – such as creating templates with Google Sheets and Docs for proposals and presentations since the Sales Team needed something they could easily duplicate, update and share. For the more design oriented teams, Adobe XD and Photoshop are the drivers for their UI/UX templates, and a bonus – these help streamline the connection between design and dev phases of projects.

In the end, the Brand Guide allowed 729 Solutions to grow their brand recognition and optimize their internal processes all in one fell swoop.